1. What is this website all about?

    You can read a lot of information about the European Constitution on our pages. If you are interested in taking Amsterdam city trips, booking Brussels tours, and enjoying Austrian concerts, you have got to be more involved in the support of the European Constitution.

  2. Why should I support the creation of the European Constitution?

    We firmly believe that the ratification of a European Constitution is one of the best ways to create a long-lasting peace among the members of the Union. Having one Constitution that governs all the countries in the group will make a single policy where citizens and governments can abide and follow. This Constitution pertains to democracy where members can utilize for the progress of the relationship between countries.

  3. Why should we not just stick to what we have now?

    There is room for improvement for the building of a more established connection between the member countries of the European Union. We are able to build a website for the European Constitution because of the sheer number of people who support the ratification of a Constitution for all members.

  4. Why create a Constitution for the European Union?

    We support the creation of a Constitution for members to have a single Charter that they can rely on in times of conflicts and encounters. It is quite difficult to determine a good solution for the members of the EU if we do not have a Constitution where all member signed and ratified.

  5. What if I have suggestions for the European Constitution?

    You can forward us your comments, suggestions, and recommendations on our Contact page. We accept any idea or information that can boost and make our European Constitution more robust. If you also have any questions regarding our content, you can also send us a message here.

  6. How can I support your advocacy?

    You have numerous ways of showing your support in pushing the European Constitution forward. You can buy traffic for website through advertisements and promotions. You can also increase our website visitors by forwarding our link to people who share the same advocacies and endeavors.