We are a nonprofit organization that promotes peace and accord among the members of the European Union. Ever since the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe occurred in 2004, we recognize that there is a need to build a website that aims to fully support the creation of a European Constitution to unify and create goodwill throughout all the sovereign states included in the European Union.

Who we are

The members of the organization are all active participants in public office. We are composed of officers of the United Nations, employees from our respective countries, and experts in Legal and Economic Affairs.

Our goal as a group is to unify all the countries in Europe through a ratified Constitution where everyone will be involved in the implementation of all the guided laws, rules, and regulations established through the European Constitution.
What we offer

We want to be on the forefront of the pack when it comes to information about the European Constitution. We offer a better understanding of what it entails and how it can unite all of us through proper dissemination of this proposed Constitution through every citizen belong to the European Union.
We support everything that pushes and put forward the establishment of a European Constitution where members can base their own laws and policies to create lasting peace and democracy throughout the sovereign countries in Europe.

Be informed website visitors by reading all of our articles and content. Know more about our proposed European Constitution. If you have any comments and suggestions, you can talk to us through our contact page.